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ANTIOXIDANT THERAPY IN MANHATTAN & NYC. Improve the way you feel and boost your ability to perform when it comes to athletics. Your body can only handle so much before it starts to experience a slowdown. Before you find yourself without the energy you need, receive our antioxidant therapy. Refresh and feel healthy again – call now!

ANTIOXIDANT TREATMENT IN NYC & MANHATTAN. A single treatment costs $249 while a three-treatment package costs $729. While we all need oxygen to live, did you know that too much oxygen can cause free radicals to develop in the body? These free radicals then move on to damage parts of our body and often lead to disorders, diseases, and aging, which we all want to avoid. You can control these free radicals quickly and put an end to them with our antioxidant therapy.

Antioxidants are powerful molecules that are used to prevent free radicals within the body and they are critical to your health. Glutathione is one of the major antioxidants and is essential in the function of your digestive system, lungs, and nerves.


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