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If you struggle with constant lumbar pain in Manhattan, you know that it is something that is very difficult to deal with. This type of lower back pain can be caused by accidents, injuries, traumas, surgery, over extension or many other things. Whatever the cause, however, you need to find a good solution. For many people with lumber pain in NYC it can be treated with physical therapy or other non-invasive treatment options. While this is ideal, it doesn’t work for everyone in every case.If you have already tried stretches and things like that, you will want to come into one of our Manhattan  clinics to get the pain relief you need. Our offices specialize in all types of pain management for any condition you’re suffering from. We work closely with our patients to figure out what the right treatment plan is for your case. Even if you have attempted to find relief from other clinics in the past without success, we can likely help.One of the best options to consider are called pain injections. These injections are basically just shots of medication that are placed directly at the site of the pain. If you are having lumbar pain in NYC, for example, we will inject the medicine right at the cause of the issue. In many cases this means placing the needle very close to the spinal nerves that are causing the pain. To safely do this the doctor will use a fluoroscope that allows them to see where the needle is positioned before actually delivering the medicine.

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