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LEASE YOUR NEXT CAR. WE OFFER THE BEST CAR LEASE DEALS. Grand Prix Motors is Philadelphia leading auto lease dealer. Visit us today so we can ease you into the driver’s seat.

Grand Prix Motors is one of the fastest growing car companies. Since 1997, our multi-faceted service includes leasing, sales, as well as trade-ins of new and used vehicles. With operating principles of low inventory costs and dealer fleet program access, we are able to pass substantial savings to our customers.


Our office is staffed with passionate automobile enthusiasts eager to lend their expertise. We pride ourselves on making your experience educated, seamless, and transparent, while guaranteeing most competitive prices in the nation. Visit us today so we can ease you into the driver’s seat.


WHY LEASE A CAR? Because you’re someone who likes the idea of driving a new car every few years. Because you’re someone who loves to have new and trendy things. Because you're someone who understands leading is more affordable than buying. That’s why car leasing is the best solution for you.

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