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Oriental, Persian and antique rugs are a fun addition to every room. Specialty rugs always add the most amazing presence and can turn any space into a lovely hang out area that you never want to leave. The downside to these speciality rugs is that they can be a lot of work to upkeep and keep clean.

We understand the stress that comes along with searching for the perfect company to professionally clean your rugs. You want to hire a team that is experienced, cares about you and is passionate and knowledgeable about rugs. If you choose to work with us, you’ll get all of these things, plus you’ll get the best cleaning experience at the best prices available.

Here at Carpet and Rug Cleaning Scarsdale, we use hand washing processes that are perfect for removing dirt and grime without harming the integrity of the fibers in your rug. We only use hand washing processes that are customized to your needs, and no rug is too big or too small for our care!

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