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Purchasing a vehicle is a wonderful experience. Not only will you own your own vehicle, but you can shop for the vehicle of your choice and personalize it the way you see best fit. As the automotive industry continues to grow and advance, technology inside of the cars continues to improve and meet the needs and demands of customers.

Key advantages:

We offer the best financing deals in the Bronx, NY. When it comes time to finance, you will not find any other dealership that can offer you some of the deals we do. We know how important it is for your vehicle to be within a price range you can afford. We have priced each one of our pre-owned cars with our consumers in mind.

You will find that we run amazing specials too, which allow you to save money on your new ride. We do not believe that you should have to empty your savings account to get into a decent and reliable car.

We carry hundreds of vehicles on our lot: 

Often times, when you visit a traditional dealership, you will only find ONE brand of vehicle or you may only find a handful of choices. This is not what you had in mind when you wanted to go “car shopping,” is it? Of course not. Carros O Coches Bonito, Barato y Bueno Bronx offers you a large selection of pre-owned vehicles to choose from and you will find that many of the vehicles we do offer come with their manufacturer’s warranty too. Wow. 

Our inventory is packed with top brands and models that are desired by consumers everywhere. Some of the makes of vehicles you will find on our lot include: Dodge, Ford, GMC, Chrysler, Honda, Hyundai,Chevrolet. And more...


Our Pre - Owned Vehicles Have Been Inspected:

One of the things that sets us apart from other dealerships and car lots is that we make sure all of the pre-owned vehicles we offer for sale in NY are reliable and safe. Our pre-owned cars in NY come Hi5 certified, with a Carfax report, and the ability to purchase an extended warranty with them.

All of our used cars go through a 172-point inspection to ensure they are safe. We will never place a car on our lot that is not in pristine condition.

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