Commercial property insurance

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Commercial Business & Property Insurance


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GMI Brokerage is in the business of providing businesses and

individuals with a variety of insurance options so that all of your

insurance needs are taken care of. Our primary goal is to provide our

customers with excellent service and a plethora of options so that

nobody has to go uninsured. GMI Brokerage is a full service insurance

agency that has been serving clients. We are well known in the

community for our outstanding service, incredible attitude and

competitive rates. Customer satisfaction is our agency’s biggest

priority, and we strive to make sure that our clients walk away with a

smile on their face after every meeting.

Many general contractors will need to have multiple different types of

coverage combined into one policy to ensure they are protected on any

job they perform. Working with one of the GC general liability

insurance experts here at GMI can help you to figure out exactly what

type of coverage you need and at what levels.

When you work with our experts we will work with all the top insurance

companies  and find the one that has the right levels of coverage at

the lowest costs. In many cases we can save our customers hundreds or

even thousands of dollars compared to the costs of the policies they

may be able to find on their own.

We specialize in many types of insurance, but business insurance is

one of our top specialties. This includes (but is not limited to):

small to medium size business of any industry, workers compensation,

commercial insurance and many other types of insurance policies. In

addition to business insurance, we specialize in the following

insurance types: Personal Insurance, Commercial Property Insurance,

Business Insurance, Surety Bonds, Directors and Officers liability

insurance and more.

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