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Are you a dentist looking to establish or grow your practice with the highest-quality infrastructure and supplies? If so, look no further than DG Dental Lab. With decades of experience at the forefront of digital dentistry, we have the staff, resources and education to serve all of your dental supply needs, from veneers to dentures to crowns and inlays and everything else, including imaging and diagnostic equipment. Our products are made right here in the United States by a team of capable and qualified artists, designers and engineers. DG Dental Lab provides the attention to detail and the customization your patients need to look and feel confident after our full or partial dental reconstruction.


You’ve worked years to build your dental practice. In addition to the years of medical training and professional sacrifice, you’ve also spend a great deal of time building up your client base and establishing your professional reputation. DG Dental Lab is ready to give you the peace of mind and certainty that can only come from working the nation’s top dental labs. You work very hard to ensure the highest level of care for all of your patients, and the last thing you should have to worry about is the integrity and quality of your suppliers and laboratory services. Let DG Dental Lab be your partner in giving your patients the care and quality they deserve.


At DG Dental Lab, we understand that each patient’s mouth and dental structure is unique, and we have provided next-level customization options so your patients can enjoy a healthy, natural-looking smile. Whether they’re undergoing a full course of dental reconstruction or just getting a replacement or implant, DGP Dental Lab has the highest-quality, most natural products for your patients. We know how important it is that your patients’ teeth look real, even if they are replacements. DGP Dental Lab is prepared to utilize our talented team of designers, state-of-the-art technology and meticulous attention to detail to give our patients the smile they deserve.

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