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Do you live in New York City, Brooklyn or any where in the Big Apple and need dental crowns or dental bridges? Do you know how the procedure works or how much it costs? We have you covered.We are Atlantic Dental Smile, full service Dental Laboratory located in NYC. We have compatible prices and outstanding quality. We successfully provide personalized service to dental professional all over Tri-state area.The prosthetics are not removable, like dentures. They are placed in permanently. Crowns (also known as “caps”) cover a damaged tooth or an implant, bridges fill in the space of missing teeth, and both can shape up the look, alignment, and bite of the teeth. They also help teeth that are chipped or decayed, and can keep a pretty smile without the vision of the decaying tooth. It is usually made out of porcelain and semi-metals, but it could be metal-free if preferred. Some of those metal-free restorations include a certain for ceramic called leucite, and making a direct 3D image based on a computer photograph of your tooth; no impressions are needed. If you have a week tooth, a dental implant, or a gap that needs covering, one of these procedures will work.There are hundreds of dentists who specialize in crowns and bridges all over New York City, Brooklyn, and the five boroughs. It’s very important to find the right place and that can be difficult. Consider many things about the procedure, the risks, the costs, and finding the right place when going on Google. When dentists work with the best dental lab in Brooklyn and New York City, Atlantic Dental Smile, you are certain to get the best quality. In the end, all you want is a perfect smile.

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