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Atlantic Dental Smile is the best dental lab. With a wide array of services and specialties we are sure to give every tri-state area dentist everything that they need in order to best service their client. As a full service dental lab we proudly serve the tri-state area making sure that dentists have all the elements needed to best service their patients in New York.A dental lab are responsible for the customization and creation of numerous products which assist with the provision of oral health care. Such products of the creating, as well customizing of bridges include, crowns, dentures, as well various other dental devices. The actual functions of a dental lab are to follow the specific instructions, as well the specifications written upon the patient’s prescription, so a dental lab is a place where technicians create dental pieces.Our lab is up-to-date with the newest technology and materials. We offer a full range of dental restorations, such as conventional porcelain fused to metal, all ceramics restorations, crowns and bridges, full and partial dentures, and more. We guarantee exceptional quality restorations with correct fit and shading.

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