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To or Not to Smoke CBD Flower – Reasons “To Smoke”
considering to or not to smoke CBD flower, you may have your own personal reasons but there are some general reasons that individuals make a decision to or not to smoke CBD flower.

Alternate to Nicotine
If you are a nicotine smoker and want to stop, smoking a CBD hemp flower nug or a pre-roll could be the solution to break the addiction. Smoking CBD hemp flower has health benefits rather than being a detriment to your health like nicotine is.

Most Potent
Smoking CBD flower provides the most potent form of CBD possible with the least processing. You can take CBD tincture, CBD oil capsules, or any other variety of CBD and they are good and effective, but they are more processed than the CBD hemp flower nug.

Choosing Specific Strains 
If you have a particular health condition that you are wanting to dose for, smoking the CBD hemp flower gives you the opportunity to specifically choosing one flower over another. Let’s look at some examples. 

Are your nerves rattled? Are your muscles tight and tense after a high-intensity workout?  Are you liable to panic attacks and anxiety?  Bubba Kush CBD hemp flower is an Indica flower that calms the nerves, relaxes over-tense muscles, and is definitely anti-anxiety. Bubba Kush moves slowly, but its effects linger from evening into a restful night’s sleep.

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