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Pick up the phone can call San Mateo Garage Door Services immediately if your garage door doesn’t work as it should. There are many different parts that may be damaged (door opener, torsion and extension springs, motor, sensors, remotes, carriage trolley, or something else.). Remember that a part that doesn’t work as expected usually damages other components of the door over time. You will have to pay a lot more money in a few weeks if you wait to fix the damage caused by the faulty part. In fact, we recommend that you stop using the door entirely until we get a chance to take a closer look at it.


Working with San Mateo Garage Door Services is simple and very affordable. All our services are of the highest quality


This complex assembly is responsible for opening or closing the door when you press the button on your remote. If it doesn’t work correctly, the entire door gets stuck halfway when you open or close it or doesn’t work at all. Unexpected reversing is also to be expected in many cases.


Our company believes in great workmanship and customer service, whether its a simple fix or a brand new garage door installation we make sure you are happy to the fullest extent.


We fix torsion and extension springs so you don’t have to go near them. These parts are dangerous when they are about to snap and nobody should handle them without years of experience under their belt.


We install any kind of garage door or gate from any manufacturer and we never damage it in the process. Our technicians are experts and are very well trained - not to mention friendly and respectful. For same day repair services, pick up your phone and call us (650) 276-4131

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