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HCC - Top Cardiologist, Heart & Vascular Consultants is the place where high technology meets depth of experience.


From simple aesthetic vascular treatments to life-changing surgeries, our doctors and nurse-practitioners have mastered both the techniques and the technology to provide these state-of-the art therapies and procedures:

- Arterial Brachial Index
Also known as ABI. The test studies the arterial blood flow in your arteries of the legs. This test is the gold standard for evaluation of peripheral arterial disease Whereas there are different modalities of performing the test, we offer a 3- minute rapid test with high accuracy, reliability and painless compared with the traditional blood pressure cuffs.

- Vascular Ultrasound

This test includes no-needles. The test “sees” your venous and arterial blood flow searching for blockages, blood clots or malfunction of the valves of your veins. 

- Echocardiography
This  test includes no-needles. The test is used to see your heart muscle is pumping, measure the size of heart and see how the heart valves are opening and closing.
- Stress Test
This test aims to evaluate the heart for problems with the blood flow or irregular heartbeat triggered by exercise. There are two types of stress test: exercise (treadmill) or “chemical”.  You will have to fasting for the test.

- Heart Catheterization

A now common and useful diagnostic procedure, heart catheterization allows your medical team to evaluate the condition of your heart. This is achieved by inserting a small tube into a blood vessel and injecting a dye that will allow them to see the flow through your arteries and identify any blockages.


To us, every condition is a serious condition. To schedule a cardiology exam please call us at 610-352-3888.

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