Emergency Dentistry

Never let a dental emergency go untreated. Get the best emergency dentist in Ogden UT 84405 for South Weber, Unitah, Mountain Green, Morgan and surrounding areas

Cosmetic Dentistry

Haslam dental Cosmetic Dentists Dr. Jeffery or Jacob offer top Cosmetic Dentistry services like veneers, Invisalign, whitening. Get the smile you've always wanted!

Tooth Replacement

Dental implants, bridges & dentures provide solutions for missing teeth. Dr. Jeffery brings his expertise to direct your tooth replacement case at every stage.

Pediatric Dentistry

et your child's pediatric dental treatment from the best dentist near you in Ogden UT and the surrounding areas. Call Us at +1 801-479-1700 to know more


Need braces? Invisalign? Get it all with our orthodontic services in Ogden UT. Get an orthodontic treatment with the best dentist near you.

Oral Surgery

Dental surgery covers many services to correct oral problems. Dr. Jeffery in Ogden, UT focuses on the best solution & the best experience for you.

General Dentistry

Get the best General Dental Services in Ogden UT and the surrounding areas. To get the healthy smile you dreamt of, Call Us at (801) 479-1700 to know more

Dental Implants

Haslam Dental of Ogden offers quality and affordable dental implants to replace missing teeth and restore smiles in Ogden. Call us to learn more.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening services provided by Haslam Dental Cosmetic Dentists for patients who want whiter and brighter smiles. Call our Haslam Dental office to book an appointment!

Haslam Dental - Dentist Ogden


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Being considered as the premier dentist in Ogden UT, we provide various dental services such as cosmetic dentistry, tooth replacement services, pediatric dental care, oral sedation, orthodontic treatment, oral surgery, and many more. Our dental office is conveniently located at 448 E 5350 S - just a stone’s throw away from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. If you are a resident of South Weber, Ogden, or nearby areas and wondering where to find an emergency dentist, you can easily reach us via S Weber Dr, U.S. Hwy 89, Washington Blvd. We serve patients also residing in Mountain Green, Morgan, and nearby locations. We are committed to delivering the best dental treatment with innovative technologies and specialized procedures.

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