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 820 Albany Ave, Batavia, NY 11203



On this particular Sunday I had a craving for fish and chips. The first fish and chips spot I went was closed. I was on my way to another fish and chips restaurant when I noticed Home's grand opening sign and decided to pull up and give them a try. They also had a $6 plate special, but I wanted fish and chips! Luckily on the signage it said they served seafood as well as soul food.

Upon entry I was greeted and Ron, the owner assured me he can accommodate my fish and chips request. I opted for catfish. As I spoke with the owner while he prepared my order I discovered they've been opened for 3 weeks now. My order took about 10 minutes to prepare. While waiting I kept on looking at the baked mc and cheese and wondering how it might taste. I expressed this thought to Ron and he offered me a sample. For about $10 the portion size was good.

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