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WHAT IS A NIGHT GUARD? A night guard is a night time appliance that is made of thin, plastic-like covering that fits over either your upper or lower teeth. The night guard’s purpose is to help protect the teeth from grinding and clenching that usually occurs at night during sleep. A variation of the night guard, the “mouth guard,” is a similar device that is recommended for patients who engage in contact sports and other activities where an impact to the mouth is possible.

Our dental team will ensure you receive a custom Night Guard that will meet your needs. Call today to schedule an appointment for a custom night guard or mouth guard in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

WHAT IS A NTI/DEPROGRAMMER? The NTI, or Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition Tension Suppression System (say that ten times fast!), is a small plastic-like device that is custom made to fit to either your top or bottom front teeth and is usually worn only at night. The NTI/Deprogrammer is recommended for people suffering from jaw joint and/or jaw muscle problems.

HOW DOES A NTI/DEPROGRAMMER WORK? The device works by preventing your top and bottom teeth from touching each other. Since the muscles are no longer able to fully squeeze and clench your teeth together, they begin to relax. Eventually, the muscles will reset, or “deprogram,” losing their inflammation and incorrect functioning.

Our dentists will recommend and make a NTI/Deprogrammer for you to relieve your jaw/muscle discomfort. Schedule your visit for the best NTI/Deprogrammer in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

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