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Beautiful and striking orchids have several meanings--love, strength, luxury, prosperity and wealth. They are the perfect choice to say I love you, Congratulations, Thank You and many other occasions. Sending orchids also sends a message of how out-of-the ordinary that special someone is. A favorite of our customers are blue orchids and purple orchids, both are available from Flowers Delivery NYC. Orchids are a wonderful Mother-in-law flower gift that you can send her for Mother's Day or her birthday. Orchids really are the answer when you wonder, what should I send? It's always Orchid flowers.


Each orchid stem bursts with many flower orchid at the top. For a small plant you can choose just to have one orchid stem with flowers at the top, or you can have a large orchid plant delivered that has up to four stems all bursting with flowers. Orchid flowers come in a variety of colors. The classic color is white orchid flowers, which we can deliver in a variety of vases. For more unique options check out the purple orchids, pink orchids and blue orchids. If you really want to wow someone today take a look at the orchid flower bouquet that mix orchid floral stems with other flower types all into one bouquet.


Orchids make a great gift. They are sophisticated and simple, and they last a long time if cared for correctly. At Flowers Delivery NYC you are able to send orchids online to anyone. Orchids are a gift that anyone would appreciate, and can be given as a thank you or as a celebration.

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