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400 Commonwealth Ave, suite 207

Boston, MA 02215

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It can be said that there has been an affinity towards stones and crystals since the beginning of time. Talismans and Amulets can be dated back to ancient times.  Ancient Sumerians were dated as the first historical reference to use crystals in magic.


Amulets and talismans are magic charms that are worn to ensure spiritual power or to ward off evil. The belief in the magical powers of amulets and talismans is as old as human civilization, and it is still going strong.


Amulets are believed to have the power to ward off negative energy, evil spirits, or even illness. Crucifixes, garlic, coal, runes, lucky coins, and horseshoes are some of the amulets that have been used for centuries. Amulets are worn by people as a form of protection and defense against the evil around them.


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