Rug & Carpet Cleaning Long Island City


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Elite Rug Cleaning provides a cleaning service for the area and oriental rugs in our facility. We’ll even pick up your rugs, and deliver them back to you when we’re done! Any stain and repair will need to be fixed quickly and efficiently. If you have any questions about what kind of rugs we offer or need a quick consultation, be sure to call us today.


The team at Elite Rug Cleaning ready to provide your carpets with a deep clean that will leave them completely odorless and spotless. Our team uses the most advanced products and equipment on the market to deliver exceptional results. You will never again have to fear someone stopping by and noticing that pet stain from a couple weeks ago.


Your carpet harbors all of those contaminants that you are allergic to and when the dirt, dust, and mold is trapped in your carpet, you breathe it in daily. If you have experienced itchy or watery eyes in your home or you have noticed it feels musty inside, you likely need to have your carpets cleaned.

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