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Oriental, Persian, and Antique rugs add a wonderful warm atmosphere to every room. When you were first moving into your home, you remember the excitement that you felt when you were able to tie in your style with the final pieces. The lovely presence of these special rugs turn houses into family homes.

These rugs, whether oriental, persian, or antique, can also be a headache to take care of. After a couple years of enjoying their presence, they can start to smell musty and if you don’t know how to care for them, then they can begin to lose their charm. This is where our wonderful services come in to save the day!

If you are looking for an excellent carpet and rug cleaners to care for the special rugs in your home, you have found the best here at Carpet and Rug Cleaning Croton-on-Hudson. We have over 7 decades of combined experience, and our team is ready to care for your rug with our specialized hand washing processing.

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