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Are you in the Irvington area looking for a cleaning service for your delicate oriental, Persian or antique rugs? We know how lovely and important your speciality rugs are in your home and that’s why we want to provide expert care to meet your needs. Our expert team is passionate about all things related to rugs including hand washing, restoration and repairs.

These specialty rugs add a warmth and wonderful atmosphere to your home, but if they’re dirty or stained then the charm is lost. If your rug is in direct sunlight or if it receives a lot of foot traffic, then they need to be cleaned at least every 6 months. Our team uses hand washing techniques to ensure that the fibers of your rugs are kept in the best condition.

There’s no reason to settle for second best when Carpet and Rug Cleaning Irvington is right in your neighborhood and ready to serve you. If you’re ready to restore the presence of your home by getting your rugs professionally cleaned, then now is the time to give us a call to set up your in-home appointment at (914)303-9016.

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