Stem Cell Surgery


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The first source is the bone marrow. The bone marrow is one of the best sources for stem cells. When taken from the marrow, the stem cells are wonderful at tissue regeneration.The second source of stem cells is through adipose tissues. Adipose tissues are best known as fat tissues in the body. Stem cells are sourced from this area because the cells are rich in mesenchymal and t-regulatory cells. These cells are specifically responsible for helping to regulate and maintain the immune system. Often, adipose cells will be used on patients who have inflammatory and autoimmune conditions.The third source of stem cells is through cord blood. Cord blood is rich in CD34+, which is wonderful for tissue regeneration. These cells will help support mesenchymal stem cells in the body. One thing to make note of is that cord blood is not rich in mesenchymal stem cells itself, but will work with them in the body.The last source is through the human umbilical cord tissue. Unlike cord blood, the umbilical cord is very rich in mesenchymal stem cells. This source is wonderful for patients who need tissue regeneration and tissue repairing properties. They are also great for reducing inflammation.

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