Cloud Buster Sword Replica

The Cloud's Buster Sword Replica measuring an overall length of 45’’ is considered as the most well-known sword and trademark of Cloud in the Final Fantasy video game series. Cloud, being a first-class soldier, utilized this buster sword in all his fights and defeated many hatred managers like Sephiroth using his Cloud Strife Buster Sword. The youthful Strife was a proud Swordsman, who remained a soldier and served them. This sword features a non sharpen  37 1/2" lengthy blade that is 7" in width and is decorative in its look. This buster sword weighs 5.0Kg along with the guard about 8 1/2 .It possesses a full tang handle, wrapped in black leather with an ease of comfort. Moreover, this enormous sword is constructed with the highest quality materials and beautiful detailing, owning two amazing extensive holes. It has a shipping weight of about 7.8Kg. You can also buy Other related products like FF7 Buster Sword as well as Zack Buster Sword at an affordable price.

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