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There is an unfortunate phenomenon where non-reputable tarot readers will tell a client or a potential client that they are cursed to gain their business. Some people become fearful enough to seek further guidance from them because they are convinced by the reader that they are the only one who could help them. These tarot card readers use scare tactics rather than their expertise to lure clients. Don’t let yourself fall into that trap. You should discontinue the reading if a tarot reader immediately claims that someone has put a curse on you. That is taking advantage of the knowledge many people lack in relation to the tarot. It is an unethical tactic that uses fear to manipulate clients. Make sure a person that does your reader puts in effort to make the experience comfortable for you.


A good tarot card reader knows that you are the master of your own outcomes. While some things in life are outside of your control, you can always control your overall mindset about life and the decisions that you make. A good tarot reader will not encourage you to give the fear of curses power over your life. They will instead help guide you towards understanding your past, present, and future. They will make it clear that you have the power to guide your life.


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