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A.C Pain Management is a truly unique practice and offers patients superior care and top quality service. Our team of experts includes Board Certified Anesthesiologists, and Physiatrist, who are Fellowship trained in performing cutting edge interventional pain management procedures to treat specific areas of pain. We focus on patients overall health and well-being by working closely with physical therapy facilities, offering psychological counseling, nutrition education, and providing patients with Alternative treatment options like Suppartz and PRP.


Pain in the middle part of your back can crimp your lifestyle just as much as low back pain. When you find that you are getting no relief from other methods, there are some that you can obtain from an interventional pain treatment.


Trigger Point Injection (Intramuscular). Many times the pain felt in the middle of your back is from a knot in your muscles. This knot can often be felt. On occasion, some people experience a knot that will not relax. When treating this problem, a doctor will inject a local anesthetic, and a corticosteroid into the trigger point. The anesthetic helps provide nearly instant relief and the steroid helps reduce the inflammation. This only takes a couple of minutes and it will usually cause the muscles to relax, bringing about pain relief.

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