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For many people who struggle with chronic pain, the cause is not at the location of the pain at all. It may be located at a trigger point, which is typically going to be in the upper back or shoulder area.


Trigger points are areas of spasms and/or inflammation of the skeletal muscles, which can then cause pain either around them or in other locations throughout the body. We offer trigger point injections in Manhattan  to help provide people with an effective option for treating this very difficult type of chronic pain.


Many people have come to us as a last resort because of the pain they have been trying to get rid of without success. When we perform the trigger point injections, they often get fast and lasting relief that they may not have believed was possible.


Diagnosing the specific trigger point can be tricky, but we have years of experience in this area and can typically identify it without too much delay. Learn more about trigger point injections in Manhattan NYC and how we can help you with your chronic pain issues.

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