In-Home Pet Sitting/Dog Walking in Kennesaw, Acworth, Marietta GA

New website signups get their 5th and 10th visit Free. Also get Free meet & greet upon completion of brief Thank You Page survey.

Pet Sitting Services Offered

  • Lots of personal attention and love

  • Fresh food, water and treats

  • Regular exercise and play time

  • Walks and potty breaks

  • Administration of medications as needed

  • Litter changing/cage cleaning

  • Clean up pet accidents

  • Vet transport in case of injury/illness

  • Belly Rubs? Yeah, I do that!

  • Additional attention your pet may require


    I’m delighted to provide these complimentary house sitting/crime-deterrent services to make your time away from home as worry-free as possible:


  • Newspaper and mail retrieval

  • Bring trash cans out/in for collection

  • Plant watering

  • Lights/blinds/curtains/TV/radio adjustment

  • Other requests considered


Rates, Prices, F(r)ees


I drive to your home to get acquainted, learn your pets’ routine and finalize paperwork.

  • $5 - usually takes 30 minutes or less, OR

  • FREE upon completion of the brief Thank You Page questionnaire after sign-up


For your pets’ health and safety, daily visits are recommended. For dogs, multiple visits are a must, with 3 visits (approximately every 8 hours) being the most comfortable option for your pets. YOUR 5th & 10th VISIT IS FREE!

  • $18 per typical 30 minute visit, AND

  • FREE 5th & 10th visit!


  • $2 per additional pet (or tank, if fish/turtles/frogs)


I'll recharge their batteries while you're at work or away, and let them empty out their tanks so you don't need to worry! YOUR 5th AND 10th WALK IS FREE!

  • $18 per typical 30 minute visit, AND

  • FREE 5th & 10th walk!

  • $2 extra for last-minute/day-of requests

  • No Extra Charge for Jogging/Running



  • $6 per 15-minute interval



  • $1 for pilling / $2 for injection or topical application

Personal Helper Errand Concierge Service in Kennesaw, Acworth, Marietta GA

Take Control of Your Time with a Personal Helper

Your Own Concierge, Whenever You Need One

Personal Assistant Duties for Busy Households

Household Errands to Keep Your Home Organized

  1. Meet The Service Representative (Cable Guy, Contractors, Movers,
    Landscapers, Maids, Realtors, Furniture Delivery Person, Painters,
    Plumbers, Caterers, Maintenance Person, etc.)
  2. Waiting for package delivery
  3. Waiting For Car Repair
  4. Pet pick-up/drop-off to vet/groomer/etc. Transportation is for animals only, not people.
    (no aggressive animals please)
  5. Mail and/or package pick-up/drop-off
  6. Personal Assistant
  7. Courier Service supply runs/returns
  8. Prescription Pick-up
  9. Get party/holiday supplies
  10. Dry cleaning drop-off/pick-up
  11. Grocery shopping
  12. Post Office/Office Supply Runs
  13. Realtor Drive-By Photos
  14. Organization/Filing
  15. Moving/Assembly
  16. Clean Leafy Gutters
  17. Home improvement shopping (some limitations apply)
  18. Return unwanted merchandise to local stores
  19. Flowers

Any errand, common or uncommon, considered

V.I.People & Pets


 2979 Bancroft Glen, Kennesaw, GA 30144



At-Your-Home Pet Sitting/Dog Walking/Errands in Kennesaw, Acworth, Marietta GA. Visit  website for 2 Free Pet Sit or Dog Walk visits.


Providing insured, bonded and experienced at-your-home pet sitting and dog walking that is reliable and affordable, as well as errands/concierge/personal helper.  On-call & on-demand, rain or snow, for any last-minute emergency. Allow me to make life easier for you!


I am Cobb County's Exclusive PSI & NAPPS Certified Professional Pet Sitter since 2005. These certifications provide pet sitters with a broad-ranged and in-depth program in pet sitting. The curriculum includes topics in pet care, health, nutrition and behavior, pet safety and a complete course on Pet First Aid. You are guaranteed quality care.


Family-owned/operated with a small network of helping hands including my wife, 2 kids, brother, and some other local pet sitters. You are guaranteed professional, dependable and knowledgeable service! Visit my easy-to-navigate website home page for detailed service area map, then click on over to the pet sitting page to get your 2 Free Pet Sit or Dog Walk visits, plus more.


AWD SUV to get to you or your pets in rain and snow!                                                                     

We come to you- We are NOT a storefront, nor vet, boarding, training or kenneling.

Cash, Check, Paypal, Venmo, Zelle accepted

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