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When it comes to incorporating your company, you are not limited to incorporating in the state you do business. Wyoming Discount Registered Agent, Inc. has been helping companies for their Limited Liability Company or corporation in Wyoming.

Wyoming is a very friendly state that many companies choose to have their company form. For one, they are one of the most economical states to incorporate. They do not keep information on their businesses or residents, so no information is shared with the Internal Revenue Service.

Wyoming allows corporations to determine how much real estate, leases, services, capital or options when distributing stock. Once this is determined by the directors or managers, their decisions in most cases are final.

In Wyoming, corporations are allowed to sell, hold, purchase or transfer shares of their own stock. They are tax friendly by not having a Franchise Tax, Personal Income Tax, Gift or Inheritance Tax, Corporate Income Tax, nor do they have Estate or Unitary Tax. Their annual charge is nominal.

If you incorporate your business in Wyoming, even if your business is in another state, you will be protected under Wyoming laws. This is beneficial as the laws in Wyoming are very business friendly. If there is a lawsuit filed on your company, Wyoming law states that the trial would have to be done in the state of Wyoming. This discourages lawyers to pursue the case as it can be costly.

When choosing to incorporate in Wyoming, owners of the corporation are not held liable personally for any damages nor will they be called as defendants. Your assets are protected as the case is tied to the company not the individuals so personal assets are protected.

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