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An Expert UK Excel Consultant and UK Excel Developer with programming, investment banking finance and managerial proficiency. XY Spreadsheet Solutions is a Microsoft Excel consultancy / VBA software developer focused on delivering lower cost, higher quality solutions through the application of Agile software development techniques.

Target excel consultancy clients are generally smaller companies, charities and non-profits, although not exclusively so.  Projects are excel spreadsheet-based applications that are complex or very complex in nature and require significant amounts of VBA macro programming behind-the-scenes.

The company drives higher quality through agile practices such as continuous improvement and the automated testing of features that are developed. Tests are programmed in VBA that mimic a person’s use of the application and then checks that the results are as expected. Re-running the entire suite of tests periodically offers confidence that nothing has been broken as new features are added. While this is fast becoming commonplace in larger scale software development projects, it is unusual in Excel development and so XY spreadsheets represents a more professional and somewhat unique offering.

The company was started in 2007 by Peter Hamilton who, following a 10-year career developing software projects for investment banks, had a life changing accident and decided to work independently for the kind of clients mentioned previously. That being said, financial services does remain his key area of domain expertise. Specifically, in his former career he developed systems for trading, margining, portfolio management and market risk management, and worked with interest rate, foreign exchange, credit derivatives and securities product lines.

-              Excel Developer

-              Excel Consultant

-              Excel Programmer

-              Bespoke Excel Development

-              Financial Excel Development

-              VBA Software Development

-              Agile Development


After our founder’s 23 years experience with programming in the financial industry, excel consulting and excel development, and a 1st class honours degree in programming, he has worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes, from international investment banks to small local businesses and charities and non-profit organisations.

We are happy to speak with anyone looking for an excel or VBA solution from any industry or profession. Our agile programming methods ensure robust solutions to nearly any situation and our experience and expertise allows us to adapt to most requirements.

We would be more than happy to have an initial call to discuss your requirements and see how excel and VBA may be able to provide the solutions you are looking for or simplify and streamline the processes you are managing.

Looking for an Excel consultant in the UK? Give us a call and we will be happy to speak.

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