Get Air Stamford

11 Riverbend Dr. S
Stamford, CT 06907

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Get Air Stamford provides Trampoline Parks food.
Contact Information
  • 11 Riverbend Dr. S
    Stamford, CT 06907

  • (203) 427-0902


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  • John S.
    John S.
    reviewed on 2021-03-04 10:02:06

    Don't listen to the KENS or KARENS, this place is AWESOME!! I love this place for my son, the staff are always friendly and helpful, its rarely too packed...

  • Shirley B.
    Shirley B.
    reviewed on 2022-05-28 12:31:31

    No AC, they said broken for a couple weeks.... this is not the kind of place where the AC should be broken! No staff in the park watching, only good thing...

  • Joanna M.
    Joanna M.
    reviewed on 2021-07-04 13:51:11

    What a DISASTER! While this place could potentially be fun, the staff is absolutely clueless and the entire place is just so obnoxiously filthy. The staff...