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Dunwoody pinestraw LLC. Commercial and residential, lawn maintenance service. Lawn cutting. Bed edging. Small trees & shrubs pruning. Lawn seeding and sodding. Yard full clean up. Weed control inside pinestraw or mulch areas only. Seasonal color. Pick up sticks. Blowing entire property. Pinestraw and mulch installation.Now is the time to act! Choose us for your landscaping and lawn maintenance service. You will not be disappointed. From landscaping to lawn maintenance. call or text today 770-318-2131.

Dunwoody pinestraw LLC, Specializes in selling premium long needle straw Delivery and installation. Long needle straw is fresh fallen pine needles removed from the forest floor and bailed is a great choice for renewable, native organic mulch. Just 2-3 inches layer of straw is all that is required to create an effective weed barrier, while allowing water to penetrate easily, the pine needle interlock together and stick into the ground below, so even on landscapes with considerable slope the pinestraw will not wash away under the frequent tropical storms.—Visually appealing. -the uniform color and fine texture brings out, contrast and texture of your landscape, call or text today 770-318-2131.

now offering firewood, red and white oak, delivery and stacked, sizes available, 4x4—4x6—4x8—-4x12—(4x24 full cord)

Now offering wheat straw for delivery and installation, coverage per bale 73-80 square feet recommended from 1-2 inches depth, call us today so we can schedule your order

more information? Call or text today 770-318-2131.

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