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Eleaf Software is the latest and most trusted incident management reporting platform for Health Care, NDIS & Aged Care industries. E-Leaf is an easy-to-access technology tool that is fast, efficient, effective, and designed to manage day-to-day compliance when managing, preventing, and reporting incidents.

Serious Incident Reporting Scheme (SIRS) has been introduced in the aged care and home care sectors. As a result, we have created E-Leaf to remove the complexity of collating data for any incidents within the health sector.

Our E-Leaf Incident Management Reporting System (IMS) enables staff to collect and report detailed and extensive data about the incidents and hazards that have taken place in an efficient manner. The reporting is done by recording, monitoring and analyzing incidents and hazards promptly so that that action can be taken immediately and effectively through this shared portal. Workers and management can also track improvements, policies and processes that support staff and achieve the best outcomes for clients.

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