The Buddha is believed to turn the wheel of cosmic righteousness. The epitome of spiritual consciousness, the image of Budhha radiates serenity, purity and wisdom. The bamboo forests are believed to withstand storms. Their resilient nature and composure from within gives them strength. The bamboo symbolises prosperity of the body, mind and soul, thus adding to the piece both visually and metaphorically. The presence of this artwork can elevate the very sense of being. Immerse Yourself in the Tranquil World of Buddha in a Bamboo Forest  Artwork from Earthen Symphony. Elevate Your Space with Serene Aesthetics. Buy Now to Create a Zen Oasis.

Earthen Symphony


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Earthen Symphony is a design studio that brings you creative, decorative art to adorn a variety of spaces. With a unique sense of creative expression and design styling we bring you eclectic, affordable, handcrafted artworks that speak volumes. Started in 1995, we have grown to be the go-to creative space for individuals and corporates looking to augment their spaces with beautiful, evocative artistic renditions. Our strength lies in giving birth to creations that are customised to specific attitude and style of space, meeting more than just a decorative need.
Today we are an established and well-recognised design studio with an experienced design team and a well-trained and equipped production unit. We offer designs, both readily available for retail, as well as specially crafted to satisfy the creative expectations of discerning clientele. From conception to installation, we collaborate with you and ensure a “WOW” effect!

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