Commercial Locksmith

Emergency Locksmith offers commercial clients various solutions to meet their security needs. These services include emergency assistance, lock replacements, key duplication, and implementing master key systems. The goal is to enhance access control and improve security within commercial properties.

Commercial Locksmith services are crucial for businesses, providing essential assistance in various areas. Whether you find yourself locked out, need key duplication, want to change locks, implement master key systems, or require rekeying service, Emergency Locksmith has got you covered.

Car Lockout Service

Emergency Locksmith offers expert service for car lockouts. If you find yourself locked out of your vehicle, you need help fast. We offer quick and effective service to open vehicle doors and trunks.

As one of the few locksmiths in Colorado with our extensive skill set, we provide proven methods to access your vehicle safely. We offer service throughout the Denver Metro area, including roadside assistance for your convenience.

We provide locksmith services for vehicles located at a home or roadside. You need an expert car locksmith when you lock the keys inside your car.

You don’t want to risk damaging your vehicle with a DIY approach. Instead, call Emergency Locksmith services. We offer fast and convenient service.

Residential Locksmith

Emergency Locksmith offers fast and effective locksmith services for homes in Colorado. Our experienced technicians provide you with the best service possible. We specialize in lockouts, key duplications, door lock changes, security bar installations, and more. We use the latest tools and techniques to ensure your home is secure. Our technicians are highly trained and provide clear communication and professional service.

As a locally owned small business, we understand the importance of working with companies you can trust. We offer top-quality customer service and outstanding results.

Contact us to learn more about our residential lock and key solutions.

Ignition Switch Replacement

At Emergency Locksmith, your cars get the attention you expect. We know how troublesome it can be when a car’s ignition fails, especially when away from home.

If you find yourself in need of urgent assistance with your vehicle’s ignition system, it is crucial to reach out to professionals who specialize in handling such situations. At Emergency Locksmith, we provide reliable and affordable emergency ignition switch replacement services. Our team of expert technicians is highly trained to handle various ignition issues, including ignition damage, stuck ignition keys, jammed ignition locks, broken ignition cylinders, and faulty ignition switches. We understand the importance of returning your vehicle to the road quickly and safely.

Lock Change

Here are some important reasons why homeowners may consider getting their locks changed:


  1. You Moved to a New Home: One commonly overlooked task is replacing locks after moving to a new home. It is important to remember that after purchasing a new house, the previous owners and the realtor who sold the house may still have a key. It is important to replace your lock after a new move, as not doing so could put you at risk of unexpected visits from realtors or previous owners. Not everybody can be trusted to stay within their boundaries! Furthermore, you never know how many other people have copies of that same key, for example, the former owner’s children, family, neighbors, or friends.
  2. You Lost Your Keys: Replacing a lost key can be a complicated process. If you misplace a key, someone else will likely find it. To ensure safety and prevent potential issues, it is recommended to replace the lock and obtain a new key.
  3. There Was a Recent Break-In: Unwanted intruders are a common reason for lock replacement. After a burglary, it is possible that the intruders could have found your spare key and made copies for others. Replacing the locks immediately after a break-in can help prevent future incidents and ensure safety.
  4. Someone Moved Out: Replacing every lock is important, especially if you own property rented to others and someone has moved out. Replacing the locks after a tenant leaves ensures that they and any unauthorized visitors cannot gain access to the property after the lease has ended. Keys are often duplicated and shared with family members and friends.
  5. Divorce or Break Up: In cases of divorce or breakup, replacing the locks in your home is a necessary precaution to ensure your safety. Even if the relationship ended amicably, your ex may still believe they have the right to enter without warning to collect their remaining belongings. Replacing your locks will establish a clear boundary, requiring others to ask for permission before entering your home.

Emergency Locksmith offers lock change services that address these concerns and provide enhanced security systems at an affordable price. Additionally, they are available for immediate assistance in emergency lockouts and offer other key services as well.

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