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FLU RELIEF IN MANHATTAN & NYC. Are you experiencing sinus congestion, a headache, sore throat, or other flu-like symptoms? If so, you can find the relief you need with one of our IV drips or therapies. Get out of bed & on your feet today! The vitamins you need are just a call away.

Detoxification is an important process that our bodies must go through to release unwanted and unneeded noxious molecules. These molecules are responsible for why you feel unhappy, upset, or nauseated when you wake up in the morning. Whether you had too, much to drink last night or you are struggling with flu-like symptoms, a nice cocktail of our IV nutrients and detox combination will get you back on your feet in no time.

Your mind and body can become weak and tired over time, especially when you are sick, or you have toxins built up in your system from alcohol or other irritants. Detoxification therapy can rid your body of those toxins through IV fluid and vitamin administration which is delivered directly to your bloodstream. You can add additional medication to the IV such as an anti-nausea, anti-inflammatory, or anti-heartburn medication.

Relieve Symptoms Associated with Hangovers & Flu Symptoms. Hangovers and the flu are not fun to deal with, but they happen. Detoxification IV therapy can relieve the symptoms you may be experiencing.

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