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Los Angeles Solar Pros offers professional consultations and solar panel installation services. If you are interested in how you can benefit from such an enterprise, continue to read this page.
Solar Equipment
Millions of homes benefit from these systems. You can rely on our technicians to come to your property for a thorough inspection and determine how to mount the solar panels professionally and safely. We are familiar with the mounting process, as this is what we have been doing for a long time in Montebello, CA.
Roof Solar Panel Installation
If you still have hesitations about whether such a project is worthwhile or not, just see your first electric bill, and you answer this question yourself. And while the installation itself poses some challenges, our team can deal with all these problems and solve them accordingly.
Solar installation
Solar installation
Solar Battery Storage
Solar battery storage is another service that we offer. You will have a device that reserves energy for later consumption. Along with your solar equipment, you will have a battery that will store energy to be used by your household long after the sun goes down. Isn’t that amazing? Not only will the system protect your roofing system from damage but help you store energy. Many solar systems produce more electricity than the household can consume. In such cases, your battery will store that energy, and when the panels can’t produce enough energy, you will have an additional energy source or you can opt to send it back to the grid. This is what solar batteries do!
If your residential or commercial property is located in Montebello, CA and you need to speak with our technicians urgently, do not delay, call us locally at (951) 289-1710 or call 1-844-SOLAR02 and mention Code: GRACIE2020.

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