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The process of refinishing your hardwood floors in Houston is the fastest and easiest way to transform the entire interior of your home. The process involves sanding the floor back to raw wood, apply filler across the entire floor to fill gaps and imperfections, install the new stain color, and lastly 2 coats of commercial grade polyurethane. The final results are a beautiful updated floor, that looks as good as the day it was installed.
We here at My Hardwood Floor Guy only use commercial grade products from leading industry manufacturers and they are sanctioned by the National Wood Flooring Association.
The majority of all floors can be refinished at least once. The 2 major types of hardwoods that we refinish are solid or engineered hardwood floors. The difference between the 2 types of hardwood floors, is basically how many times they can be sanded. In general, Solid wood can be refinished multiple times and engineered hardwoods can be refinished at least once.


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