Mental Capacity

People can make their own decisions today since everything is simpler and more accessible. But this also led to the discovery of several misconceptions concerning Mental Capacity. And our purpose in being here is to dispel these falsehoods. You'll learn various brain capacity tales from OFH Care.

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Established in 2011, OFH Care specializes in Mental Capacity Assessments for applications to the Court of Protection for Property & Financial Affairs, Social Care Assessments, Health & Welfare, LPA, etc. We aim to ensure that our clients receive services that are tailored to their needs.
Mental illness is the worst thing of any person's life. We ought to develop a remedy for this. You will receive the greatest mental health care from the top social workers, psychiatrists, and psychologists at OFH Care. We work with many forms of mental disease.  At OFH, we take great satisfaction in offering high-quality social care assessments, case management services, and mental ability evaluations together with quickness and professionalism.

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