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What are the benefits of a tarot reading?

Some people are turning to tarot to help support their mental health. Tarot cards may help you spark a conversation with a therapist, find meaning in your life circumstances, and identify solutions. There is a spiritual component to tarot cards, which may appeal to those who don't associate with organized religion

Can tarot cards be read by anyone?

“Tarot is for everyone, because everybody has an intuition. Tarot is a way to connect to that,” psychic medium Michael Cardenas says. Tarot reader AerinnKolfage agrees, telling OprahMag.com, “You can get a good reading just from the images of the deck without being psychic at all”.

What is tarot therapy?

Tarot in Psychotherapy allows clients to tell their story through images, and explore their thoughts and feelings associated with those feelings, and with the assistance of the therapist help able to dive deeper and process these feelings and memories.


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