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There’s something eternally classic about wood siding, something that conjures an impression of craftsmanship and authenticity. If your home is of a traditional construction, a wood exterior can make it shine like nothing else. However, wood is a not particularly resistant material, and over time it can become worn--especially in places like NJ, where a harsh climate takes its toll. That being said, with the right wood siding partner, you can reap all the benefits of a beautiful wooden exterior without any of the headaches typically involved.


With the advent of modern building materials, there have emerged a number of options for wood siding that combine the durability of composites with the traditional look and grain of wooden exteriors. Our wood siding experts can install both traditional planed boards and engineered boards, depending on which best suits your home. What’s more, we can ensure precise installation and sealing for a long usage life. This means you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits with only minimal maintenance.


No matter which type of wood siding you choose for your new home exterior, we can help with the installation and servicing. Our team of experts can either remove your current siding (and handle disposal) or restore existing wooden panels at a great price. This includes scraping, sanding, re-priming, painting and finishing--all of which will make your home look tremendous. However, if you want to elect for a full replacement, we’re absolutely prepared for that as well.

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